Mission & History

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality masonry work, efficiently, safely and within budget while treating all people fairly, with honesty and respect at all times.  We solve our customer's construction issues through masonry solutions. 

Our Values 

As a family run business we treat all our employees like family, we care about our people and help them perform at the highest level.  We have fathers and sons, brothers and cousins all working on our team.  Our experienced employees pass their knowledge onto the apprentices and new journeypeople, so that the best work practices continue.

We believe in a positive relationship with our employees, suppliers, clients, and all others we interact with. We believe in fairness -an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.  We follow the golden rule.  Our team strives to provide the best value possible so that you can be successful.

Our History

A. Horn, Inc. was founded by Adolf and Marlise Horn.  After arriving from Germany, Ed began working as a masonry laborer.  He later became a bricklayer, then foreman and finally V.P. for the mason contractor he worked for.  Then in 1971 Ed and Marlise started on their own.  They grew the company over the years through honesty and excellence in masonry. In 1990 Cliff Horn joined the company, and in 1997  Mark Horn also came aboard.  Ed retired in 2005 after 46 years of working in the masonry construction industry, leaving behind a company known for its quality people and quality work.  Adolf's sons - Cliff Horn and Mark Horn now run this second generation family owned business.

Second Generation

A. Horn, Inc. is a 2nd generation mason contractor. Mark and Cliff cut their teeth in the business on the walls of many buildings, from their high school years on. They also learned from their "old school" father the pride in doing the job the right way.

Illinois Masonry Institute Executive Director

Chuck O.

Quality Training

A. Horn, Inc. places an emphasis on quality and training for their management staff and their bricklayers. They have attended multiple sessions of IMI's Sustainabliity and Contractor College programs......A. Horn, Inc. makes every effort to stay on the leading edge of the masonry industry. It is great to see a mason contractor take such an interest in educating their men and stressing top quality and performance.

Illinois Masonry Institute Director of Market Development & Technical Services

Scott C.

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