What Our Stability Means For You

A. Horn, Inc. prides itself on being one of the most stabile firms in the construction industry. We pay all our obligations when due or before due. This is true regardless of the economy, job payment schedule, or any other excuses that people use to delay payment. We have never bouced a check (payroll or accounts payable) in the history of the company. We have never failed to complete any project in 48 years of business.

Stability provides value by:

Schedule advantages

Prompt payment of our suppliers allows us to receive the most competitive pricing, which we can pass on to our clients. This also allows us to receive materials on more prompt basis than those who delay payment. If a material is suddenly needed, we have a better chance of getting it than a deliquent/slow paying contractor.

No liquidated damages

You can be assured that we will get the job done on time. We are bonded by an A+ financial size 15 firm. We have never had a bond claim in the history of our company. We have never been assessed liquated damages. We have never failed to complete a job. For this reason, we have one of best bond rates in the industry.

Highest quality

You will have the best people working on your job. We have never been late in 41 years paying our union benefits. Individuals working here know that they will get an honest day's pay for an honest day's work; they do not have to worry about when or if they will be paid. They can instead focus on doing their best work on the job.

No paperwork delays

You will not have a problem with waivers or paperwork. We pay in a timely manner and thus receive our supplier/subcontractor waivers promptly. You draws will not get held up/closed out because a subcontractor did not pay their supplier.

No additional liability or work stoppages

Since we pay all our fringes and dues promptly (bricklayers, laborers, operators unions), you will not have any additional liability for non payment. If your subcontractor fails to pay their fringes, and you are signatory to the same union, you may have to pay these liabilities. Using subcontractors that do not pay or are behind on their fringes may cause a work stoppage on your project.

How much does a work stoppage/delay, incomplete paperwork or unpaid subcontractor dues cost you? Partner with our firm and you will avoid these issues that may arise with less stabile companies.

Financial Stability

A. Horn, Inc. has earned the maximum score of 2500 by Contractors Score LLC. This result demonstrates the high level of short term financial stability and management capacity of our firm.

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Prompt Payments

We have done business with Mr. Mark & Mr. Clifton Horn and A. Horn, Inc. for 18+ years. They are highly valued customers who conduct their business in a prompt and professional manner. There has never been an unresolved dispute or an overdue notice in all these years.

Illinois Brick Company

Ellen S.
Sr.Credit Manager

Well Respected

We have done business with Mark and Cliff Horn from A. Horn, Inc. for more than 6 years. A.Horn, Inc. is well respected in the masonry industry among general contractors, material suppliers, and even competitors. Their payments have always been exceptionally prompt with no disputes. We consider A.Horn, Inc. a very highly valued customer and hope to continue our business relationship in the future.

Elston Materials, LLC

Alex Puig, Vice President