Industry Partners

We believe in lifelong learning. Our team members are consistantly being trained on new products, production methods, and safety procedures among others. We provide as many resources to our clients that we can. By having more data and expertise, better decisions can be made and problems solved more easily and quickly.

MCAGC (Mason Contractors Association of Greater Chicago)

We believe in supporting the masonry industry that we work in, including being members of the MCAGC. Our president Cliff Horn serves on the board of directors and takes an active role in insuring that mason industry is supplying the best value to our customers. We work to investigate the best methods of construction, safest working conditions, and highest quality workforce for our members. We use our collective knowledge to assist our client with their needs.

MCAA (Mason Contractors Association of America)

We are also members of this trade assocation, which provides us with continuing education, best work practices, safety resources, and updates on legislation changes. We were one of the first masons in the United States to successfully complete the Certified Mason Contractor certification program. We are currently the ONLY MASON CONTRACTOR IN ILLINOIS that has earned this designation. The educational and training resources provided by the MCAA is used to improve our company.

IMI (International Masonry Institute)

We are also affiliated with the institute which provides us with training for our management team, supervisors, and field personnel. The IMI provides union contractors expertise in training, craftsmanship, design, and installation procedures. We received updates and support on codes and standards and utilize the design tools that the IMI provides. This helps us provide you with a variety of options on your projects. A. Horn, Inc. has become a Sustainable Masonry Certified Contractor through the IMI.

MAC (Masonry Advisory Council)

The MAC website includes a technical library, industry news, supplier directories, masonry experts, masonry cost guide information, and other helpful items.

Masonry Leader

A. Horn. Inc. a leader in the industry for decades has taken numerous steps to stay on top. from the leadership assistance on the board of the Mason Contractors Association of Greater Chicago, to the help as a trustee on the Laborers' Benefit Funds A. Horn Inc. is recognized as a company that gives back. The commitment to a well educated, professional workforce is a credit to this company. They stay on the cutting edge of the masonry industry to provide customers the best possible projects constructed with age old products and tried and true methods coupled with the latest techniques to ensure the best built structures all the time.

Mason Contractors Association of Greater Chicago

Jim O'Connor

Serving the Industry

Cliff Horn has served on the Mason Contractors Association board of directors for the past six years. He has championed several good ideas to keep our association in good standing with our partners in the bricklayers union. In doing so, our relationship between our organizations has improved, enabling us to get some important industry reforms enacted.

Mason Contractors Association

board member (16 years)
John W.