CTA Below Grade Improvements


A. Horn, Inc. was selected to complete the masonry work at the CTA station on State Street in downtown Chicago.  In addition to CMU and face brick, structural glazed facing  tile (SGFT) were installed in a specific patten so as to resemble the Chicago skyline.  Our work required strict adherance to design intent in order for the tile to represent the skyline.  Only masons with a high level of competency could have completed this work. 

Some project challenges that were overcome were access to the required work area and lack of staging area in addition to the safety of pedestrians.  By adjusting our work processes and material deliveries, we were able to complete the project on time and budget with no safety incidences.


Architect: Gensler Architecture LTD

Owner: 108 N State Street

Materials: Concrete masonry units (CMU), face brick, structural glazed facing tile (SGFT)