A. Horn, Inc. Field Personnel

We have the most highly trained, safety conscience, experienced, quality orientated team members in the masonry industry. Our job is to assist you with getting your project completed on a timely basis with the highest quality work in a safe manner. If you partner with us, you can be assured that you will be working with the best craftspeople in the industry. Here is how we differ from our competition:

Extensive Hiring Process: Only the best people work at A. Horn, Inc.

  • All potential employees must complete required paperwork and go through a safety orientation at our office.
  • All hiring requirements are verified including current union status and documentation of training.
  • Employment eligibility is confirmed, all I-9 forms are reviewed and all employees are E-verified.
  • All potential employees complete a medical exam including a drug test before hire.
  • All team members working in the field are presented written job descriptions to which they must adhere.

Training: The most highly trained individuals in the industry.

  • 100% of our foremen are certified in grouting and reinforcment techniques by the District Council Training Center.
  • 100% of our foremen are certified in flashing and moisture control by the District Council Training Center.
  • 100% of our foremen each have completed over 15 hours of in class training over the past three years.

Experience: The combined knowledge to get your project done.

  • 100% of our foremen have 15 or more years of Union masonry construction experience.
  • 100% of our foremen read blueprints/specifications and are the in complete charge of managing their resources, both personnel and material.
  • 100% of our foremen have worked as bricklayers and are experts at work flows and schedule requirements.
  • Our foreman know how to communicate and work with others, no "go talk to boss" answers from us.

Safety Conscience: We watch out for others.

  • Our foremen and laborers are the competant persons on the job, they make sure everyone is working safely.
  • 100% of our foremen have completed both the OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour safety courses.
  • All of our employees follow/exceed our documented safey processes.
  • All our company drivers are each reviewed by our insurance carrier. All of our drivers meet state and DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements.

Quality Orientated: Safety, quality, quantity, done in that order.

  • We have never had a warranty claim in over 48 years of business due to our quality of work.
  • We meet or exceed the project specifications, always using the best materials.
  • Any items that could be on punch lists are completed prior to leaving the job site.
  • We provide a written warranty on all our work completed.

Why not have the best craftspeople doing the highest quality work safely on your job? How could that benefit you and your clients?

Safety Conscious

Over the last few years of conducting site visits, I have found A. Horn Masonry to be safety conscious and truly concerned with the wellbeing of their staff.

Titan Safety Management, Inc.

Bill Crimmins, CSP

A Horn Inc.