Union Partners

A. Horn, Inc. is a proud signatory contractor with unions representing bricklayers, laborers and operating engineers.

You will not have any union issues with our labor force, as we are a 100% union shop. We are current in all our union obligations, having never been late on any benefit or dues payments in the history of our company. Cliff Horn curently serves as a trustee on the Laborers Union District Council Health & Welfare and Pension fund.

Our clients can be assured that they will never be liable for any of our union benefit obligations.

DCTC (District Council Training Center) www.bac2school.org

The training center provides its signatory contractors with the finest trained craftworkers in the masonry trades. Apprentices receive quality training here to prepare them for the work place. Our team has received ongoing training on flashing, grouting, and scaffold user among other types. We believe in supporting those who have served our country. We have hired numerous military veterans and support the Helmets to Hardharts (www.helmetstohardhats.org) program which the DCTC participates in.

Bricklayers Administrative District Council

(www.bacadc1.org) - We use only the finest masonry craftspeople to complete the work resulting in the highest quality work performed safely. We actively hire and train apprentices.

Laborers District Council

(www.ldclmcc.org) - All our laborers are trained to work with masons and the equipment and machinery required on the job site.

Operating Engineers Local #150

(www.iuoelocal150.org) - When needed we employ local 150 members to operate the required machinery.

We welcome and encourage those contemplating joining any of the masonry trades to contact any of the following unions for information on apprenticeships and training.

The international bricklayers union

DCTC (District Council Training Center)

Best Trained Craftworkers

In our efforts to provide the masonry industry with the best trained craftworkers, A. Horn takes advantage of all the Training Programs the DCTC has to offer and has been a valuable partner for the Apprentice Program with their participation and help in the interview process of recruitment and by employing new apprentices.

District Council Training Center

John Flynn Director/Administrator