Types of masonry work A. Horn, Inc. offers to to you:

We provide quality work done right, safely and on time. We are anĀ all union mason contractor providingĀ quality craftsmanship in a wide array of masonry products . We have installed each of the following materials in various jobs during 2017:


Our masons are adept at installing face brick, common brick, cement brick and glazed brick types, and all sizes of brick including utility size, modular size, norman size, etc. Our projects often require us to install various brick patterns including rowlocks, header courses, and herringbone among others.

CMU (Concrete Masonry Units):

Block come in many sizes and shapes, including standard smooth gray, splitfaced, groundfaced, glazed, acoustical, and energy block. Each type of CMU has its own special requirement when installing it. Our craftspeople have that knowledge to do it right, both reinforced and non-reinforced types.

Architectural Precast and Cast Stone:

The wide array of sizes, shapes, and textures makes precast a very useful product. We have completed numerous projects this year that included caps, banding, coping, and decorative inserts. Setting this material properly with the appropriate anchoring and flashing is critical to its success.

Natural building stone:

The durablity of natural stone is second to none. Our team includes European craftsmen trained in stone, including Lannon, Halquist, and other types. We also install natural thin stone when full thickness stone cannot be used. Bluestone pavers are also installed using specialty methods to insure high quality and durability.


Limestone is often used in masonry structures due to its ability to be cut and sanded to any shape. We have installed both limestone panels, accent banding, coping and stair treads as specified on projects. We handle and install this material properly, as care needs to be taken during installation.

Thin brick:

We have had the opportunity to install thin brick on numerous projects this year where full depth brick could not be used. Our training provided us with the know how that after completion of the job, one could not tell the difference between the thin brick and the full depth brick.

Tuckpointing and repair:

We have assisted our clients with tuckpointing and brick repair when previous contractors failed to install necessary wall componants or failed to install the materials properly. Our foremen have been trained in masonry wall systems (including grouting and flashing) so that our work is performed at the highest standards.


A. Horn, Inc. has been prequalified to work fon all Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB) projects.


A. Horn, Inc. is approved tby the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to work on their projects.

Good Standing

A. Horn, Inc. is a corporation in good standing for year 2017 per the State of Illinois.


I was very pleased with the repairs that your crew did for us. Everything was handled professionally and good communication was always present. I will be calling you back for future repairs.

City of Lake Forest

John G.